Monitoring and Evaluation for RDAs Projects and Programmes

Monitoring and Evaluation for RDAs Projects and Programmes

The Directorate of Regional Development has established a monitoring and evaluation system for monitoring all the RDAs projects and programmes to ensure their efficient and successful implementation.

Due to the extensive national coverage of RDAs government-funded programmes and projects, the directorate cannot cover all the projects in one financial year; hence M&E is a continuous exercise. M&E exercise is therefore carried out every financial year and is a core function that features in the annual work plans of the Directorate.

M&E exercise is necessary since it ensures that the projects are continuously on track and are delivered on time.

The M&E team will ascertain whether the projects are addressing the following issues among others:-

  • The extent of the achievement of Project/programme objectives and outputs
  • contribution to the national goals/vision 2030/constitution/big 4 agenda
  • Poverty reduction-how has it affected community’s living standards
  • Food security
  • Proper mutilation of funds-do the activities on the ground positively correlate to the amount of funds allocated?
  • Human resource capacity-ids the institution over-staffed/under-staffed? Are there adequate technical personnel, does the institution employ project staff?
  • Project’s impact on the community
  • Quality of contractors work-is the project serving the community effectively? Is the facility fully completed before handing over by the contractor?
  • Condition of the infrastructure e.g. dams, rice mills, water pans, irrigation systems, etc(look out for silting, pollution, leakages, health and safety measures,
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