Food Security Enhancement Programmes/Projects

Food Security Enhancement Programmes/Projects

a) On-going irrigation projects

  1. Kimira Oluch Smallholder Farm Improvement Project (KOSFIP), with irrigation infrastructure for 1,474 ha of land for food security and income generation
  2. Wei Wei Irrigation project has Irrigation infrastructure developed on 600 ha of land for food security
  3. Tana Delta Rice Irrigation Project (TDIP); with infrastructure to support irrigated rice  on 12, 000 ha potential, and improved access of irrigation water to 300 acres of the Lower Tana Village Schemes
  4. Turkana Napuu irrigation project; 800 ha potential.

b) Proposed irrigation projects

  1. Arror Multi-Purpose Dam Development Projects; 4,500ha potential to support food security
  2. Kieni Integrated Irrigation Project; potential for irrigation of 13, 000ha
  3. Lower Murang’a Food Security Programme has 5,000 ha potential for irrigation
  4. Nyandarua Irrigation Project
  5. Iltilal Oloyiangalani Lower Bomet-Upper Narok smallholder irrigation project; 3,000 ha potential.

Value Addition / Manufacturing projects

  1. Gum Arabic and Resins Integrated Development Programme in ENNDA region; potentials of 90,000 tonnes annually & 100,000 litres essential oils
  2. Integrated Fruit and Honey Processing Project (CDA)- 70% complete as of September 2017; potential 240 tonnes annually
  3. Capacity Building and Technology transfer to maximize on community production, improved farming methods and employment creation in LBDA region; 3,000 tonnes of table fish annual production through Reticulation Aquaculture System (TAS) Technology
  4. Ewaso Ngiro South Leather Factory project; 4,000 tonnes annually leather throughput
  5. Mango Value Chain Project of KVDA; potential annual production of 1.56 million litres of juice
  6. Fruit and Vegetables Processing Plant Project of LBDA; potential 1.8 million litres of fruit juice & 1,200 vegetable extracts annual production
  7. TDIP Rice Mill in TARDA; potential 12,000 tonnes processed annually
  8. LBDA Rice Mill; potential 600 tonnes of rice and 61,875 tonnes of animal feed processed annually.

Integrated Regional Development Master Plan

These are blue-prints for effective utilization of natural resources in the RDAs areas of jurisdiction. They also inform county integrated development plans (CIDPs)

Drought Mitigation Projects

RDAs Water Harvesting and Storage Programme established 250 water pans, 250 boreholes and 75 small water storage facilities

Multipurpose Dams

  1. Mwache dam – Rehabilitation of 200 ha of catchment to enable the Mwache dam reservoir to supply 186,000m3/day of water for domestic and industrial use and support to 2100 ha potential under irrigation through infrastructure development
  2. High Grand Falls – Hydro Power generation of 700 MW, develop up to 180,000 ha irrigation potential for Food Security and other benefits, and support conservation of 20,000 ha land
  3. Magwagwa – involves reservoir development for 120 MW hydro power, 13,807 ha of land for irrigation and domestic/industrial water supply; and catchment management
  4. Arror store water for generation of 60MW of HEP, irrigation of 4,500 ha of land and catchment management
  5. Kimwarer – store water for generation of 20MW of HEP, 2,500 ha irrigable land for improved food security, Conserve and manage 136 km2 of the catchment area
  6. Nandi Forest – generate 50 MW, water supplies and irrigation of 7,500 ha of land
  • Olkejuado – 1,000 ha irrigable land water supplies
  • Oleyiangalani integrated dam1,000 ha irrigable land.

Environmental conservation and river bank protection

  1. Ecotourism Development (Masinga Dam Resort); 3,000 ha buffer zone conservation and protection
  2. Integrated Bamboo Commercialization and value addition (ENSDA); potential 20,000 tonnes bamboo processed annually
  3. Cherangany Conservation project (KVDA); 6 km/year riverine conservation rate.

Climate Change Adaptation/Mitigation Projects

  1. Integrated Solar Energy Project -to produce 440MW of electricity to the National Grid and improve land use (TARDA)
  2. Kenya Climate Change and Adaptation Programme (various ongoing activities)-TARDA/CDA
  3. Chalbi Desert Integrated Development Programme to harness the wind and produce 1,200MW for the national grid (ENNDA)
  4. Solar Power Generating Project-Samburu-Supply of 6% of electricity to the National Grid (ENNDA)
  5. Kenya Coastal Integrated Climate Change Management Programme in CDA
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