East African Community

State Department for East African Community

The State Department for East African Community Integration is charged with the responsibility of coordinating and implementing policies, strategies and programmes aimed at deepening regional integration. It formulates policy on East African Community, coordinates Government and private sector participation in the EAC Affairs, coordinates the implementation of the EAC regional programmes, coordinates the implementation of EAC Treaty and promotes and fast tracks EAC integration process.

The State Department aims at strengthening the participation of Kenya in the implementation of the Customs Union, Common Market and Monetary Union protocols within the established timelines. It is also plays the coordination role in laying the foundation for the EAC Political Federation.

The State Department of East African Community Integration is comprised of five directorates within which the above measures are actualized. They include the following:-

  • Directorate of Administration and Planning.
  • Directorate of Economic Affairs.
  • Directorate of Political Affairs.
  • Directorate of Productive and Services.
  • Directorate of Social Affairs.
  • Research and Liaison.
  • Kenya South Sudan Liaison Office (KESSULO).
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