Directorate of Regional Development

Directorate of Regional Development

The Directorate of Regional Development was formed in 2009 as a result of the creation of the former Ministry of Regional Development Authorities which was established through Presidential Circular No. 3/2003 with the Regional Development Authorities (RDAs) focused functions namely: – Regional Authorities Development Policy, oversight, management and development support and capacity building for RDAs.

In 2013, the government, in line with the Constitution, rationalized the portfolio, responsibilities and functions of all the ministries and other government agencies. Consequently, the ministries of Environment and Mineral Resources, Water and Irrigation, Forestry and Wildlife and Regional Development vide Executive order No. 2/2013 (May 2013) were merged to form the Ministry of Environment, Water and Natural Resources.

This was in line with the Government’s key policies as envisioned in the Constitution of Kenya 2010, Vision 2030 and the Medium Term Plans that emphasize the need for efficiency and better management in the utilization of natural resources to enable the Government achieve its strategic objectives of growth, productivity, efficiency and improvement in service delivery.

The Ministry of Environment, Water and Natural Resources was therefore mandated to undertake protection, conservation, rehabilitation and development of environment and natural resources for sustainable development. Previously, this mandate had been undertaken by Ministries of Regional Development, Environment and Mineral Resources, Forestry and wildlife and Water and Irrigation as defined in the Presidential circular No. 1 of February 2008.

The Order established eighteen (18) Ministries down from forty four (44) that were in place; thus, necessitating the need to rationalize the separated and/or merged functions for harmonious operations.

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