Business Reforms & Transformation

Kenya business climate reforms Milestone Report 2020-2021


Business Reforms & Transformation

The Department of Business Reforms & Transformation is provided as one of the EAC Main Organs under the Executive Order No.1 of 2020.
Scope and Mandate
The scope and Mandate of the Department is:

  1. Identifying factors constraining Ease of Doing Business and proposing solutions in partnership with stakeholders.
  2. Identifying and recommending business reforms for promoting business and for making Kenya competitive locally, regionally and internationally.
  3. Working jointly and coordinating with partners to monitor Kenya`s Ease of Doing business.
  4. Driving legislative and regulatory reform on the ease of doing Business and business transformation.
  5. Coordinating engagements with private sector/business community in respect to business climate and business transformation.
  6. Monitoring the business climate and recommending appropriate policy, legal, regulatory and administrative changes necessary to enhance conduct of business within Kenya and between Kenya and its trading partners.
  7. Liaising with other partners, to create awareness on Kenya`s efforts at improving its ease of doing business.
  8. Any other function relevant to furtherance of its scope and mandate.

The Department is comprised of two Directorates, within which the above functions are actualized. These are:
• Directorate of Business Reforms
• Directorate of Regulatory, Communication and Field Services

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