By Maureen N Ntari

MFA2The Kenyan Chapter of the East African Community (EAC) secondary schools clubs held their second joint activity titled “the role of youth in the EAC Integration” at the Moi Forces Academy on Saturday.

The colorful event, filled with creativity, fun and excitement, brought together youth from different schools including: Moi Forces Academy who were the hosts, Mary Leakey High School, Nairobi School and Ruthimitu Girls High School.

Other organisations represented in the event included: State Department of East African Community Integration, Ministry of Education, Sauti ya Jamii and State Department of Youth Affairs.

It being the clubs’ second joint activity, the event provided an opportunity for its members to share ideas and learn more on their contribution to the success of the EAC Integration process.

The Moi Forces Academy Deputy Principal Mr.Kimwaki, welcomed the guests saying that he was also looking forward to learning from the event on  the EAC process and the different opportunities that the Integration process presents for the youth development.DSCN1227

Mr. Samuel Kahenu, a Senior Assistant Director of Regional Integration from the State Department of EAC reinforced the One People One Unity motto of EAC, stating that those present were leading the pack in the integration process.

Mr Kahenu also took time to explain the meaning of the EAC flag and its different colors to the attentive students. He gave in details a lecture on the role of youth in the integration process highlighting the pillars of the EAC and how relevant it is to the youth.

He highlighted the benefits and opportunities presented by EAC integration process and also challenged the students to equip themselves with the relevant skills to enjoy them. “The youth are many and still being born; you are technology savvy take advantage of this and dare to dream. Remember that obstacles are those frightful things you see when you fail to focus. You are the people we need to make the EAC dream come true”Mr.Kahenu encouraged the students.

MFA3The representative of the State Department of Youth Affairs Ms Clara, commended the implementation of the action plan created during the first meeting and said that the youth are a driving force in the EAC development.

“In spite of the government forming structures for youth empowerment, the youth are taking the backseat in pursuing the same, be proactive and do not wait for the government to do everything for them.”She advised.

The club members from the different schools had an opportunity to mix with for the group discussions where every group had representatives from the different schools that were given a specific top and required to discuss and present on the same to the audience present.