Being the 3rd joint activity by the EAC school clubs, student representatives  from various schools were given chance to give their reports on their contributions and progress towards the EAC integration process in their various Clubs and their Community at large.
The various reports showed that the students were committed in carrying out sensitization on the EAC Integration among their fellow students in the Schools and their surrounding communities. This they do through creating awareness of the benefits of EAC Integration, and a clear example was demonstrated by Precious Blood Girls School which had successfully  sensitized and inducted pupils of nearby Amani Academy Primary School.
Mr. Peter Kimondo, from the Ministry of Education challenged the students that as  youths they had  a vital role to play in the integration process by removing cobwebs of ethnicity, tribalism and regionalism in the community which had been a major problem hindering the success and development of EAC integration.
Addressing the students Mr.Samuel Kahenu, a Senior  Assistant  Director of Regional Integration, demonstrated how key the youth were in the integration process. He  said the youth were the stakeholders in integration process and form a crucial part of stakeholders in the EAC integration agenda.
Mr Kahenu also highlighted the benefits and opportunities presented by EAC integration process saying that the youth were the majority in the society and could use  internet technology to help achieve the EAC dreams.
The Assistant Director for Social Affairs from State Department of EAC Ms  Phyllis Watwana commended the students for their continued commitment to the EAC clubs by ensuring that the clubs which have been in existence since 2015 are active with more new members in their various schools.
She encouraged the students to participate in the regional events to express their talents such as JAMAFEST and Secondary school Games which enables them to learn new ideas and interact with people from different backgrounds in the region.
Ms. Pamela Ombima from the State Department of Youth Affairs told the students that they should always speak out since they are being prepared to be regional and global citizens.
“You are the future leaders and your leadership skills should start from here in school where you can stand firm and address a pressing issue amicably “,She said. On the other hand Ms. Lilian Muchoki an official from Sauti ya Jamii appreciated the presence of Amani Primary school being the first and only primary school to learn and sing the EAC Anthem. She reteriated to the youth that integration process starts with them from where they are going outwards.
The newly appointed EAC Youth Ambassador in Kenya, Anne Yvonne challenged the students to actively participate in EAC clubs and enjoy the numerous opportunities the EAC clubs provides. She also encouraged them that there is hope in future and they can continue being EAC members in various Varsity especially in the country after completion of secondary school.