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Photo: Mount Kenya University Expo coordinator Mr. George Imbayi briefs the State Department of East African Affairs staff Mers Rose Wakibia and Phylis Watwana on the Theme and programme of the Three-day expo at its Thika Main Campus. The State Department participated at the expo where over 300 students visited the stand.

The three day Mount Kenya University Business Expo held from October 21st to 23rd was a success as over 300 students were appraised the stages of East African Community Integration process. A Deputy Director Economic Affairs Mr. Frederick Gitahi, An Assistant Director of Social Affairs Ms Phyllis Watwana, a Senior Assistant Secretary Ms. Rose Wakibia, ICT officers Ms. Joyce M’Ibari and Japheth Ongere took through the students who visited our Stand the EAC Integration journey; The Monetary Union, The Customs Union, The Common Market and ultimate the Political Federation.

The coordinator of the Expo under the banner “The Pearl Club”, Mr. Imbayi summed it up saying; “It was a success since the State Department educated the youth the benefits of EAC Integration, where to look for jobs, furtherance of their education, and other opportunities such as new markets for their products.

Amongst the highlights by Mr. Gitahi included the progress of the Journey into the Political Federation. Fourteen years into the integration process, the EAC Region has witnessed major achievements all round, but more so with regard to the operationalization of the Common Market and Customs Union. East African citizens are now able to enjoy a wide range of benefits including easier movement of people, workers, goods, services and capital, said Mr. Gitahi.atuya

Ms. Watwana told the students that the EAC Partner States were harmonizing the East African Education System and training curriculum to have a comparable quality system. So far, she added, efforts have been made towards;

Harmonization of curriculum for pre-primary , primary and secondary teacher training; EAC Partner States want the teaching and use of Kiswahili as a Lingua Franca, as well as fast-tracking use of English as a medium of instruction regionally.

Mount Kenya University Buisness Expo is a distinctive setting where corporates and scholars find themselves at the very centre of business and business solutions. The corporate exhibition created a unique learning, research, networking and branding platform for corporates and over 10,000 Mount Kenya University community.