Removal of Non-Tariff Barriers (NTBs)

The prevalence of NTBs has been frustrating trade within the Community. Such NTBs manifest themselves in form of prolonged clearance procedures, delays at the ports of entry/exit, delays at weighbridges and numerous road blocks; delays in ferrying of cargo by transit vehicles; non-recognition of EAC Certificates of Origin; non – recognition of quality marks issued by EAC Bureaux of Standards; retesting of products among others.

To address NTBs, the Community has put in place mechanisms, including;

  1. National and regional committees to identify and monitor their elimination.
  2. EAC Elimination of NTBs Act, 2017 was assented to by all EAC Partner States’ Heads of State in April, 2017 and is in the process of being operationalized.