Political Federation

Political Federation is the fourth Pillar and ultimate goal of the East African Community integration and is anchored in Article 123 of the Treaty.  Its foundation began with the establishment of institutions such as the East African Legislative assembly (EALA) and the East African Court of Justice (EACJ).

Notable achievements include:

  1. Military Training: The Partner States have been offering vacancies at each other’s military training institutions. The function also involves the exchange of students and directing staff at their training colleges
  2. EAC Military Industrial Facilities Availed for Shared Utilization: The aim is to support joint Utilization on the Defence Technical Facilities offered for shared utilization among the EAC Armed Forces.
  3. EAC Chiefs/Directors of Military Intelligence/Police/Criminal Investigations: This facilitates the gathering and sharing of intelligence information within the EAC bloc.

The EAC Heads of State in their 18th Summit held in May, 2017 approved Political Confederation as a model for EAC Political Federation and directed commencement of drafting of the Constitution of the Federation.

Partner States have already nominated constitutional experts to start drafting the Federal Constitution.