The mandate of the Directorate of Political Affairs is derived from the mandate of the State Department of East African Affairs as captured in the Executive Order No.2/2013 on organization of the Government of Kenya and includes:

  1. Participation in East African Community (EAC) meetings on political affairs;
  1. Coordination of governments participation in EAC meetings sector;
  1. Coordination of implementation of EAC regional programmes on political affairs;
  1. Implementation of provisions of the Treaty establishing the EAC relating to political affairs; and
  1. Coordination and promotion of the East African community federation.

In addition it derives its mandate from Article 5(2) of the Treaty for the Establishment of the East African Community’s pillar of Political Federation and functionally spearheads all issues relating to Political Affairs, as stipulated by Articles 123-125 of the Treaty among other general provisions. The specific functions include: Political Affairs, Regional Peace and security and Defence.

The Core Functions of the Directorate are to coordinate, facilitate and oversee Kenya’s participation in The EAC in the following areas:

  1. Political federation process;
  2. Defense;
  3. Immigration and refugee management;
  4. Regional peace and security
  5. Foreign policy coordination;
  6. Good governance- rule of law and administration of justice, election, observations, human rights, anti-corruption.
“To have a deepened and widened awareness on political affairs relating to the East African Community integration process”


“To facilitate, negotiate and coordinate the development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of EAC policies, projects and programmes on political affairs for effective integration.”

Quality Policy

The State Department is Quality Certified under the ISO900:2008. In ensuring that the State Department continues to meet its ISO obligations for the FY 2015/2016 the Directorate will pursue the following quality objectives indicating who, what, when and how as detailed below:

  1. To circulate the draft Country position papers to MCDA’s and other stakeholders for information within 2 days after the preparatory meeting.
  2. To reduce the time taken to initiate action on relevant sectoral council/ council/summit decisions and directives that require action from 5 to 2 days upon return from the EAC meeting/activity.
  3. To reduce the number of days that DPA takes to submit the details of nominees/delegates for regional meetings to the EAC Secretariat from 7 (seven) to 5 (five) days.
  4. To reduce the number of days taken to inform MCDA’s and other relevant stakeholders about the EAC activities   from four (4) to two (2) days.

In pursuing our mission statement we shall foster to promote partnerships, develop liaison lines and maintain linkages with our stakeholders.

The Directorate has coordinated and facilitated in the approval and ratification of the following protocols:

  • Foreign Policy Coordination;
  • Peace and Security; and
  • Cooperation in Defence.
  • Joint Border Commission between Kenya/Uganda, Kenya/Tanzania, Kenya/South Sudan/Ethopia

Currently the Protocol on Immunities and Privileges is in the ratification process.




Jumuiya Yetu sote tuilinde

Tuwajibike tuimarike

Umoja wetu ni nguzo yetu

Idumu Jumuiya yetu.

1. Ee Mungu twaomba ulinde

Jumuiya Afrika Mashariki

Tuwezeshe kuishi kwa amani

Tutimize na malengo yetu.

2. Uzalendo pia mshikamano

Viwe msingi wa Umoja wetu

Natulinde Uhuru na Amani

Mila zetu na desturi zetu.

3. Viwandani na hata mashambani

Tufanye kazi sote kwa makini

Tujitoe kwa hali na mali

Tuijenge Jumuiya bora.