Performance Information on Various Programs

I. Sustainable development of Lake Victoria Basin as envisaged in the Protocol for Sustainable Development of Lake Victoria Basin through the following programmes

  1. Water supply and sanitation for Keroka and Isebania towns under Lake Victoria Water and Sanitation project
  2. Installation of Aids to navigation equipment at nine (9) sites on the Kenyan side of the lake.
  3. Financial support to community Driven Development (CDDs) groups that undertook individual project that included tree planting, beekeeping and other income generating projects.
  4. Rehabilitation of Regional State of the Art Water Quality Laboratory in Kisumu.
  5. Expansion of Kisumu sewerage treatment plant.
  6. Procurement of a mechanical water hyacinth Harvester.

II.Joint interventions for food security in the country and the region as follows:

  1. Operationalized the EAC Industrialization Policy and Strategy for value addition in agricultural products
  2. Developed and operationalized the EAC climate change policy and strategy that provides for mitigating negative effects of climate change on agriculture and food security.
  3. Coordinated efforts to control and abate Aflatoxin contamination.
  4. Developed the EAC Food and Nutrition Policy.
  5. Coordinated the harmonization of the registration of immunological, and use of veterinary products in the region through Mutual Recognition Agreements (MRAs) to ease access to veterinary services and animal disease control in the region.

III. Joint Developments of regional Infrastructure

The regional infrastructure projects are cross cutting within the EAC integration pillars and the achievements are as follows:

  1. Construction of Athi River – Namanga – Arusha road
  2. Construction of the Voi – Taveta –Arusha road
  3. Design work complete for Malindi – Lungalunga – Tanga road
  4. Formulation of the EAC Vehicle load control Act 2016. The Act harmonizes Gross Vehicle weights to 56 tones under seven axles, and also fees charged on offenders of over loaded vehicles.

The Region is implementing EAC Broad Band Infrastructure Network Project to enhance the connectivity of the region.

Under the One-Network Area the region has established a one-network area with lower calling rates of US$0.10 cents. Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda have embraced the concept with lower roaming rates for voice with no receiving charges. United Republic of Tanzania have undertaken to come on board by December, 2018 and Burundi is expected to follow suit.

Cross Border electrification is ongoing and has been completed at Namanga and Lungalunga borders.