Mandate of the Ministry

The Ministry derives its mandate from the Executive Order No.1 of June, 2020(Revised).  Following the reorganization of Government in June, 2018, the Ministry of East African Community and Regional Development was established with the following mandate;

  1. Policy on East African Community.
  2. East African Community Affairs.
  3. Implementation of the East African Treaty.
  4. Co-ordination of implementation of EAC Regional programmes and projects.
  5. Promotion and fast tracking of EAC integration.
  6. Co-ordination of Government’s participation in East African Community Affairs.
  7. East African Community Meetings and Institutions.
  8. Co-ordination of Regional Development Authorities.
  9. Monitoring and Evaluation of the implementation of Northern Corridor Development.
  10. Providing Secretariat Service during Ministerial and Head of States Summit Meetings on Northern Corridor Development.