LSKPrincipal Secretary for State Department of East African Affairs, John Konchellah, has urged legal practitioners to join the East African Community (EAC) integration journey by making valuable contributions to the implementation of the various protocols passed by the regional bloc.

Konchellah told a meeting of legal experts in Mombasa that the EAC integration process was hinged on binding protocols whose full implementation would ensure a steady attainment of a politically united, economically prosperous and socially integrated East Africa.

In a speech read on his behalf by the Director of Administration in the State Department of East African Affairs, Christopher Musumbu, the PS noted that implementation of the various EAC protocols required expert legal advice and interpretation to ensure adherence to the various agreements contained therein.

He assured the participants that the current EAC integration process was steady, promising and moving speedily towards the goals for which East African founding fathers mooted the original idea of a united region devoid of the geographical or ethnic boundaries as currently constituted.

Already, he noted, the fruits of the Common Market Protocol are being enjoyed as cross border trade between the five EAC Partner States has increased tremendously in the past few years, with professionals from the region free to secure employment opportunities across their national borders.

He cited the construction of One Stop Border Posts (OSBPs) as a component of the Common Market Protocol whose objective is to reduce cross border trade expenses and time by half as border crossing procedures would henceforth be conducted only once at the point of entry.