Establishment of the EAC Single Customs Territory

A Single Customs Territory (SCT) has been established in EAC to facilitate faster clearance and movement of cargo from the port of entry to the destination.

Benefits of the Single Customs Territory (SCT):

  1. All intra-regional traded goods between Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania are cleared under SCT scheme.
  2. Customs officers from Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi were deployed and are operating in Kenya and Tanzania. Likewise, Tanzania has officers deployed in Nairobi and Mombasa. The flexibility in deployment of Customs Officers has further eased clearance of goods such that goods move directly from points of dispatch in a Partner State to the owner’s premises in another partner State without going through further customs checks.
  3. A Single declaration under SCT is made electronically, processed and     released by the authorities from the country of destination prior to     loading of goods and release from the Port. This has reduced     documentation currently used to release goods up to destination by     80%, hence reducing paper and simplifying the administrative     burden.
  4. Real time sharing of customs information upon arrival of goods at the     port has lessened internal border controls.
  5. Turnaround time of trucks from Mombasa to Kampala has reduced     from 18 days to 4 days and to Kigali has reduced from 21 days to 6     days.