He was speaking during a three-day capacity building and border stakeholders on operational procedures of OSBPs at Lungalunga border post. Participants included KRA, security, National and County Government officials, Kenya Bureau of Standards, KENTRADE, KEPHIS, Business Community representatives and KWS among others. A second Counselor in charge of Trade in the Kenya High Commission, Tanzania, Mr. Samuel Mogere addressed the workshop..

The Director announced the construction of Lungalunga OSBP was complete, and will be handed over to a facility Management and Trade facilitation committee in September this year. He outlined the role of OSBPs Management Committee’s roles, which include to manage the affairs of the property by protecting government interests.

He cautioned Management Committee to be put in place not to infringe on the rights of the local community’s social-cultural rights while they crossed along the common borders.

Amongst the border posts under construction to enhance service delivery include:-

Tanzania/Rwanda – Kabanga/Kobero

Kenya/Tanzania – Lungalunga/Horohoro

Kenya/Uganda – Busia/Busia

Kenya/Uganda – Malaba/Malaba

Tanzania/Uganda – Mutukula/Mutukula

Kenya/Tanzania – Isebania/Sirare

Kenya/Tanzania – Taveta/Holili

Rwanda/Tanzania – Rusumo/Rusumo

Rwanda/Tanzania –Gatuna/Katuna

Burundi/Rwanda – Gasenyi/Nemba

Rwanda/Uganda – Kagitumba/Mirama hills

Burundi/Tanzania – Kobero/Kabanga

Burundi/Rwanda – Ruhwa/Ruhwa

Kwale County member and Executive Committee for Trade and Cooperatives, Hon. Safina Tsungu lauded the EAC member states’ government move to construct One Stop Border Posts, in order to deepen the EAC integration process and improve the free flow of goods and services across its common boundaries. In order to address perennial water shortage problem at the Lungalunga border, she announced that her government has allocated Kshs.100 million to boost the supply of the commodity both into public institutions and domestic use.

A Senior Assistant Director, Mr. Juma Wakhungu said entry procedures at any border post will not begin until exit procedures/controls are completed in order to avoid conflicts over national jurisdiction. He added, where security equipment is available, cargo should be selected for scanning using Risk Management. “At all times”, all Agencies will have access to scanning and possible physical inspection he stressed.

Lungalunga KRA Station Master Mr. Okollo Kwach said the Single Customs Territory was introduced by the EAC Partner States Heads of State to speed free circulation of goods and services in the EAC Region, avoid duplicating some procedures, reduce non-tariff barriers and congestion at ports.

Mr. James Kivuva, Senior Assistant Director of the State Department of East African Affairs said that parties agreed that respective officers shall jointly conduct physical inspections, undertake searches, take samples and cargoes and inspect means of transport, under the Kenya/Tanzania Bilateral Agreement.

Alternatively, Mr. Kivuva added, either party may rely on the inspection results of the other party, which results shall not be unreasonably withheld.