Brief Background of the Ministry

The Ministry of East African Community and Regional Development was established in 2018 following the reorganization of the Government of Kenya. The Ministry has two State Departments; East African Community and Regional and Northern Corridor Development. Prior to 2018, the then State Department of East African Community Affairs was under the Ministry of East African Affairs, Labour and Social Protection while Regional Development was coordinated by the Ministry of Devolution and Planning.  The Ministry is established to coordinate Kenya’s participation in the East African Community integration process pursuant to article 8(3)a of the Treaty for the Establishment of the East African Community.

The Ministry’s mandate as per the Executive Order No. 1/2018 of June, 2018 is as follows:

  1. Policy on East African Community
  2. East African Community Affairs
  3. Implementation of East African Treaty
  4. Coordination of Implementation of EAC Regional Programmes and Projects
  5. Promotion and Fast Tracking of EAC Integration
  6. Coordination of Government’s Participation in East African Community Affairs
  7. East African Community Meetings and Institutions
  8. Coordination of Regional Development Authorities
  9. Monitoring and Evaluation of the implementation of northern Corridor Development
  10. Fast Tracking identified Northern Corridor Integration Projects
  11. Providing Secretariat service during Ministerial and Head of States Summit meetings.


To be a Champion on Regional Integration matters for Sustainable Development and Improved Livelihoods for all Kenyans.


To formulate, facilitate, coordinate and oversee the development, monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of EAC policies, projects and programmes for effective integration.